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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2007 2:22 am

1. Do not cheat, hack, exploit bugs, or use any kind of third party programs that will influence the Lineage2 gameplay. Cheating, Hacking or the usage of third party programs (Like L2Walker) will result in a permanent ban of your gaming account(s) here at L2 Twilight. Exploiting bugs will be punished in the way according to the severity of the results of your exploit.

2. Keep PVP and PK’ing fun for the other players as well. Do not shoot through walls or floors. If a report of this is brought in with a screenshot or movie on which you are doing this, it will result in a temporary ban from our server. On repeated offence we will discuss a possible permanent ban of your gaming account(s).

3. Do not disrespect the server staff in any kind of way. We are here out of our own free will, helping out as much as we can while trying to run a server everyone can enjoy playing on.

4. Please keep the usage of pets as minimal as possible and it is forbidden to use pets in town. Just unsummon them when you go restock on supplies. If you die while mounted on a wyvern or Strider, so be it you can’t help it. Just try to dismount the pet as soon as possible.

5. The bashing of donors is not allowed and not tolerated. Donors choose to send money to the server so we can pay for the server maintenance like upgrading parts and keeping the internet connection. They make sure you can play and enjoy the game of Lineage 2 for free.

6. If we find people that are impersonating GM’s we will get rid of their game account immediately. People should be able to trust the real GM’s and this is the worst sign of a lack of respect there is. Punishment will be hard.

7. Begging and spamming trade requests to players or members of the staff is highly annoying. This can be reported and will be dealt with jail time or worse if this offence is being repeated by the same person many times.

8. In this game we have to be able to trust each other. This is why we will deal with scamming plays in the proper way. Scamming will be seen as tricking someone into selling them a different item then you said, such as Voodoo Doll for a Tattoo of Absolute.

9. You can find the market place in the town of Gludin. Please move all your playershops there so we keep it organized and clean.

Even though not everything is being handled in these 'guidelines' you must be aware of the fact that the staff is allowed to take action they think needed against things such as bad behaviour, or random wrong things. That some kind of rule or guideline isn't posted here doesn't mean you can be a complete ass about it and demand no punishment. Even if we think some things are out of lines, we can think of rules against that at the very moment. Behave nice, and treat other people the way you wish to be treated so everyone will have a good time.

Thanks to vierna for writing this.
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Server Rules
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