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PostSubject: Re: Jizzy   Jizzy Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2007 3:21 am

Hmmm story events! Fun!! I'm in! Look at this one here. Enjoy:

The story of Jizzy and Dizzy

Born in the cold northern lands of Elmore the Dwarven Twins had spent every day from then until now together. Always together, always looking the same. They were not only sibblings, they were best friends, soulfriends and had as much love and affection for eachother as was normal for any sibbling. Even though Jizzy was a few hours younger then Dizzy, she always acted like the most mature one. Taking the lead in everything. But ofcourse, her ambitions were of more succes then Dizzy. The oldest one of the two red heads wanted to become a blacksmith. Make wonderfull items, showing dedication and affection to raw materials. Bending them in shapes that would be seen as art! Jizzy just wanted action. She wanted to go out, and fight the ruthless chaos that had overcome their world.

At the age of 16, that wish came in fullfillment. Jizzy got an axe of her father, and it was time for her to get some experience with what is going on this world. Dizzy at first didn't want to go. "But papa..." She began that morning. "All I be needin' to learn is right 'ere in this town!" Ofcourse her father, a proud warrior himself, did not see the logic in that. "Ye be goin' off with ye sister, Dizzy. It be the best for the both of ya." He had said, and with that... All was said. Jizzy had promised to look after Dizzy, and they both went away from the village to see the world.

The first few days went by peacefully until they got attacked by wild animals. Keltirs... Not that battlehandy, but there were enough of them to frighten the young girls. "Back to back, Dizzy!" Jizzy had commanded. Often had the little warrior read books about fights and battles and tactics. She was not afraid to try them all out! The first few Keltirs appraoached slowely, and with an unnatural speed and precision Jizzy's axe found its target and split the skull of the first unfortunate creature in two. At this time the little open place spurted into action. Even though Dizzy was blocking most snapping attacks with an agile heaving of her shield, she too was able to make some kills. Jizzy on the other hand, never leaving her position, was waving her axe around as if it she was scaring away flies with her hand. Though, by the blood that was flying around, and the shrieks of pain from the creatures told you otherwise. "I have 6!" She declared proudly and at that point she felt her sisters weight press heavy in her back. A wolf had joined the battle. Though having no clue why he meddled with this, Dizzy was just in time to heave her shield for protection. She couldn't lift her axe, though her sister was quick to respond. When she looked around she noticed the shield being in an an angle, Dizzy under it, Wolf ontop. Ofcourse, this creature too, had no chance of escape. Jizzy grinned. "Get yer furry ass off of me sister ye mongrel!" She shouted at him while her axe was already taking a swing. The wolf looked up, hearing the voice. Immediatly he recognized his error in focussing too much on this seemingly weaker opponent. This was the last thought he had before the blackness of death sank into him. Dizzy threw the corpse off her shield and immediatly she was back, defending hersel from the attacks of the keltirs. Many creatures died that evening. All hoping to have found an easy meal, though they were mistaking. After about sixteen of them found their grave, the rest of their pack scurried off back into the woods. Jizzy laughed aloud, her heart racing. Even Dizzy got a little giggle off her lips, since after all... The excitement for battle was in the dwarf's blood and a sign of weakness, was not tolerated.

After their little fight with wild forest animals, they felt unbeatable. And they were, until they found something a bit more of a problem. They had heared of the mines, being taken by creatures of ancient past and those horrible magical beings. Oh, how a dwarf hated magic. Power only is shown by true strength and skill in battle. They had fought their way deep into the mines. Actually thinking they were able to cleanse the mines and let their people be able to use it again. "What is that..." Dizzy asked on a whispering tone as they were hiding behind a cart. Jizzy too was looking past the cart's edge at the enormous creature. The very foundation of the mine was shaking with its footsteps. It was dragging its arms behind him and for good reason too. Or so observed Jizzy. "He must weight so much!" Dizzy proclaimed, actually stating the obvious. Jizzy grumbled in agreement. "Let's kill it..." Before Dizzy could reply to that Jizzy had already rushed into battle. The slow brutal creature turned to the coming dwarf. Then there was a loud clang that rang through the very caverns so deep underground. Jizzy thought that they could even hear it back in town as she pulled her axe away. Her arm still shaking from the impact on pure solid material. The monster swung it's arm, though the short and nimble dwarf quickly dodged and danced back, trying another attack, this time a bit more carefull. She did a sideway cut and actually managed to chip a bit off of the creature. Dizzy rushed into battle aswell, coming from behind with a pickaxe that she had found. She hit as hard as she could and made a little dent. The monster immediatly turned around and swung one of its huge arms to Dizzy. She got away. Jizzy thought this was her time for an attack, not seeing that the monster had not lost momentum until the last moment. The arm was still swinging, and Jizzy brought her shield up in time. Though with that much power behind an attack there was no stopping it with a mere shield and she got knocked backwards, going flying for several meters until she hit the wall with her back. Dizzy saw the flight, and heared the cough of pain of her beloved sister. Immediatly having lost all lust for battle she ran off to her and began to get her out of these accursed mines. The slow monster, never standing a chance of a fair pursuit gave up early, and got back to whatever these mindless monsters do.

Later that night they were sitting a bit away from the mines and were warming themselves from a campfire. Jizzy's arm and one side of her ribcage were heavily hurting even though attented to. "That was quite something, no?" Dizzy had asked, just getting a honest, truthfull smile from Jizzy. That was enough for her. Her sister would get over it, and would soon have gotten her strength back. For now, they would take it easy.

Months went by. Jizzy and Dizzy have grown to love adventures. Both of them. They had visited great towns, have gotten stronger weapons made by better blacksmiths and actually some cool looking armor aswell. Now they were heading to their new course. Giran. Everywhere they went they ran into other Humans, Elves, and shamefully also some Dark Elves and those... Evolved... Orc's. "Still smelly..." Jizzy had muttered after an encounter with a group of them. Dizzy had shared that observation but kept quiet about it. It was in Dragon Valley where they have had their first big fight in some time again. They had heared those vile Wererats loved to steal. So they had a lot of money on them! Jizzy was, as always, in a need for money. She had attacked the unfortunate transformed human and began to kill it. Though on it's dying breath he had let out a shriek loud enough to get all wererats running over to aid their unfortunate kin. A hour long battle, of choosing when to attack, when to block, when to dodge. Who to attack, who to distract, and in meantime looking out for their sister. With some scratches, a couple of slices and a few punches they managed. Heavily exhausted they sat down in the carnage. "That... was cool..." Jizzy had said with a grin. But her joy was shortlived for she saw something she didn't really want to see.

"Damn... I think they see some easy food now..." Dizzy said who had also seen some Drake's coming in. Slowely they struggled to their feet, seeing no option but to fight. This time side to side, half covered in blood, exhausted, barely able to lift their weapons they thought they wouldn't be so luck. Especially when one of the Drake's hurled a flaming ball of their deadly breath toward them. To make their suffering a little less, the twins had squeezed their eyes tightly. However, the impact, nor the heat never came. When they opened their eyes they saw an Elf standing infront of them with a lot of steam rising. Ofcourse the Elf had used a water attack to protect the two Dwarves from the fire. Then suddenly the little ones bathed in light and their wounds healed, and they felt refreshed. They looked behind them, a human woman with red hair smiled gently at them. Two Dark Elves rushed past her, past the Dwarves, past the Elven Mage, and into battle with the Drake's. Their movement was as slick as their ruthlessness. In a flurry blur of blades whirring around the Dark Elves did what they do best. Killing those who oppose them.

The quickly grown group of friends shared the campfire that night. The two Dark Elves were named Nysirra. A woman with long white hair and grown to be used with a dagger. And the man was called Suler, with a profession of dual swords. The Elven Mage was Ledorin, indeed a Spellsinger who had a heart just as kind as Nestery. Nestery was the Human Mage, and had chosen the path of light to assist those in need. They all shared food together, and drank together. This being a little victory to all of them. Jizzy and Dizzy had quickly changed their minds on the Dark Elves. No matter how coldhearted they were, or how much they loved killing... They were good people, and these two especially. After having shared some good tales of great adventures with eachother they peacefully found their sleep. Taking turns in gaurd duty. However, when Dizzy and Jizzy woke up, their new friends had left. With a little dissapointment fresh in their minds they did the last part toward Giran. Though a town so magnificent immediatly erased their sadness. People everywhere. All were doing what they were doing best, and tons of different smells filled the streets and alleys while there was laughter coming out of the taverns to greet them.

They stayed in this town for a week, then the parted their ways. The two sisters after all both had different ambitions still. Dizzy managed to become an apprentice from the local blacksmith. A skilled crafter in many different weapons and armors. Jizzy tagged along with a group of adventurers that were just like... Ambitious to make this world a better place.

So the twins said their goodbye's. Surely they would meet again, but they were not sure when that time would come. It was a bit weird to be no longer in the others company but they would manage. They had to, since a sign of weakness was not tolerated.

PS: You think this was long? Be happy I didn't use JadeEye's story. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Jizzy   Jizzy Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2007 2:35 pm

Hehehe that story was 12 pages Razz
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