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PostSubject: Maus/Bam   Maus/Bam Icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2007 2:14 pm

lol Because there's no event place..
I'll do my story here Razz

The Story and History of ..Bam Margera(Yes we also share this account btw Maus helped a bit ^^ )
Story 1. : Long Long Time Ago..The end.


Story 2 : Long fkin time ago There lived a Hero whos name was and still is Unknown to the most of you..
It's name was Bam Margera.
Whom would speak about thy name,
Was cursed.
He who dared challenge him.
Would be banished.
king king king
and so.. there came a challenger.
He said..: Play the best song in the world or I'll eat your souls.
And without moving a inch Bam said. ok.
A whole part of silence came until Bam was wondering something.
What the fk?
He who challenged him also thought that so they would try to make an agreement over how to rule these lands together.
on a strange desolate night Bam Margera has seen a scroll on the other fella and it said a name.

it was.. The one and only... Wrathmaus.

and Bam considered to speak his name and so he heard.
Bam Picked up his +10 Dagger(D grade for magic Razz) and Wrathmaus woke up due to the noise.
Bam said speak quickly friend and I might let you live
Wrathmaus: fk off Don't got time for that bull$#!7.
Bam: what I tried to say was that there were enemies approuching our hut.
Wrathmaus: I'll go get my SOM(that's left in l2tempest and l2dementia lol)
and so they started to cast magic upon thy enemies.
the hath figured out that they were the only ones on the land left and they said.
this is our kingdom .. We call it : L2Twilight
And they will lead as 2 kings king king
Then the admins of the land came and said: no can do sir.
and they got Plvled back to lvl 1 and have to start over.

THESE LANDS COULD BE OURS!!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
And so upon this day it has been said that what has happened will happen again.
From what thou came. Thy shall remain. Until Thou are Complete again!
They will hunt Forever Bound to this World.
and Kill all to reclaim their lands..
Until bananas Rain down from the sky
And we will reign our blood!

well. Let's start hunting shall we?

They Hath hunted before and shall go on for many times
even if death founds us we would Go forth and slay death.
The foul beasts.
and it went like stab stab stab.
backstab stab stab.
and then Maus died.
and I,BamMargera.
I got captured..
and brought to devils isle.
but whole of a sudden.
while the capturing team had to pea.
MAus came and slayed them with only his telekinetic powers
and then I asked.
Sanka Are you dead? (yet)?
and Maus said.: Ya mon(The gatekeeper sended me Razz)
And now.. I"M GONNA EAT YOU!!!!!!!!
he ran and jumped towards Bam and Bam Kicked his ass and then he lost and he said.:
Fk I need to train lol

The end.
No It's not. It has just begon.

And WE fought and we fought We had to destroy the evil banana hammocks we just had to!
AS THE SHADOW OF THE AUTO WAS SUMMONED (ask Narko/Kytae he knows what means)
We had to Leave for Adventure
Fight the evil cherrie smileys cherry cherry
and our only thought..
FOR THE HORDE/Kurt Cobain/Iron maiden/System of a down/guitars/Music/l2Twillight/Bananaramma/(all my favorite bands)/roflolmao piratestalkers.
And we Fought as Cunning Heroes pig pig
We even had to go to other lands to Prevail here.
spoke other languages.
and when we got here after ages of hunt.
A ghost came to us..
He said.
My name is Narkodas.
Ghost of l2Twilight.
he told us he was an admin.
I've seen ghosts before(and bunny goddessess.. one of Teh 1337 ghosts was called leamlest.
We knew him from our lives.
and so . In joy and sorrow
the world had hollow places and also some who where not.
World which didn't had hollow places finally found.
and it's called l2Twilight.
and from this day you can speak the most mighty people of the worlds BamMargera and Wrathmaus Since they will never die.
until their goal. Is accomplished.
Be you angels?
The End.

History has been told.
Now It's time for a prophecie. Into the future ^^
Wrathmaus and Bam the third.
Bam holds his +16 Sword of valhalla( with acumen bonus if possible Razz)
up high and his Armor which still doesn't have it's name since I don't know which to pick Razz
it's monday though.
It's all IN Teh Loot (interlude)

The 2nd End
(possible with edit if we make something up.)


Evil Draws close... MWUAHA rendeer <-Looks like a devil in disquise to me)

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